Last Tuesday we welcomed the Year 7 girls from Cathedral Grammar who joined us for morning tea at Bishopspark.  Actually, they baked and brought along the morning with them, thank you girls!  We were getting to know them a little as we hope to see them again more regularly.  They are undergoing their Mitre Programme which includes some community outreach and we are always happy to see some young faces and hear what school life is like.

Very soon the girls were challenged to a game (with no name) – throwing or bouncing the tennis ball into various size boxes which hold different values.  The team with the highest score wins.  Now, our residents are well practised and, not too long ago beat the Grammar boys much to their surprise.

Team spirit





It was close,  but eventually the girls beat the Bishopspark team.  We ended the morning as friends however and hope to host a re-match sometime soon!

Pam & Gerry +2