Last night saw a slightly depleted group of the Jacob’s House boys back to finish the summer project in our garden of the dementia unit.  It was noisy and yes, they had to really squeeze in to get some panels in place but a job very well done.  The boys have stained each post and then cut to fit and nailed in place.

170516 dedicated

A big thank you to all those who have contributed over the last couple of terms.  It has been a very worthwhile project in helping to keep our residents safe and hugely appreciated by us at Anglican Living – not least Andy our property manager who would have had to do it all single handed otherwise!

Let’s not forget the boys have also put together 3 new garden benches & numerous chairs and stained all the existing garden furniture over the weeks too.

We look forward to catching up again with you all next term for a bit more of a social visit with our residents in the rest home.